How to Enter Winnipeg Provincial Court at 408 York Avenue During 2019-2020 Construction

NOTE: There are Green Signs on the floor which will direct you if you’re wondering where to go.

  1. Don’t go to 408 York. Instead, go to 405 Broadway, Winnipeg (AKA the Woodsworth Building).
  2. Go through Security. (And please don’t go through with any “questionable items” — you will be searched).
  3. Continue on to the elevators. Go to the second floor.
    1. (It also might be faster to take the stairs. If you go to the right past security, you’ll see them. Go up them and then pull a left and continue past the elevators.)
  4. Walk to the skywalk. You should see windows. Head towards those.
  5. Continue on over the skywalk into the Old Law Courts.
    1. (If you have an appearance in the Queen’s Bench, it might be in this Courthouse).
  6. Turn right and continue to the New Law Courts (or Provincial Law Court).
  7. Take the elevator or stairs to your destination. If you’re taking the elevator, you’ll want to hit the button that is not marked with an R.
    1. For Courtroom 301 or 302, go to floor 3. Turn right and continue around a second set of elevators and to the end of the hallway.
    2. To sign variations to Court Orders (like bail addressess), or to sign as a surety, or drop off a cash deposit, go to floor 1. Then follow the corridor around to Counter 100D.

Construction will be ongoing until late 2020. You should allow yourself an extra 10 minutes or so to get to your location.