When you are arrested or detained by police, you trigger certain rights. One of those rights is a right to contact legal counsel without delay, usually by telephone. Even if you haven’t met a lawyer before, if you request to speak with a certain lawyer, the police should attempt to connect the both of you. If you cannot speak with a lawyer of your choice, you can also ask to speak to an on-call lawyer from Legal Aid. The lawyer you speak to can tell you about certain other rights you may wish to exercise, including a right to silence under police questioning. At this point, the police usually make the decision whether or not they will let you go, or detain you – if they detain you, you may have to go for bail.

If you have placed under arrest, you can call Scott Wilson at (204) 415-5544 extension 5. You can also call (204) 415-5544 ext 9 to speak with our firm’s 24/7 on-call lawyer.