Do you know someone that has been arrested by the police and was taken into custody?

Bail is another name for “judicial interim release.” If a person has been detained in custody by the police, a person may appear on the “bail list.” A Crown attorney then makes the decision if they are consenting to the person having bail or if they are opposed. If the Crown is opposed to release, a person can then have a bail hearing in front of a judge.

If a judge denies a person bail, that person will have to deal with their charges while in custody. If the person plans on having a trial, he or she can remain in custody for a very long time. Making the right decisions about your bail strategy is vital to fighting your case in the long term.

A lawyer can often serve as the go-between for persons awaiting bail and supports in the community. The lawyer can then help put together a “bail plan”, which can help persuade the Crown attorney or the judge that a person can be safely released from custody back into the community. A lawyer also can speak on your behalf at the bail hearing.

After you’ve been granted or denied bail, your matters will appear in adjournment court.

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